Heartset Coaching by Steven Alexander

Heartset Coaching by Steven Alexander

What does heartset mean to you?
Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes for a few seconds, slow your breathing down, and in this moment stop and listen.

That is you, that is your heart, beating away, pumping with a flow, keeping you alive, pumping for you to have life.

The heart is a muscle, it needs to be worked on, looked after, appreciated, listened to.

Our heart operates at the highest energy frequency of love.

Sometimes our heart can get torn, get damaged, hurt, not always whole, feel broken, so we need to listen to how we can heal that the best we can.

Often, it is in our healing and brokenness, that we discover our purpose, vision and what we truly want and need for a better fulfilling life.

Heartset is getting into that relationship where you follow that love, that energy, that flow, so you too, can also have life!

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Heartset does not in most cases make mindset easier one bit, because quite often, these two can be in conflict with one another.

The mind operates from what it knows, what it is programmed to do.

Neurologically, it operates from experience, so by its nature, it will often be more cautious to new things.

Heartset too is similar in the fact that while it can operate with love, hope, and faith, it too knows pain and hurt and muscle memory retains that.

As soulful beings, our soul too can often fight for a position of what it also wants.

Quite often, many of us can be led by our heart, but the true secret is getting all three in alignment all working together.

This can be done and taught!

How can people practice heartset?
I have 4 amazing keys to help people practice heartset.

Every musician will tell you that the instrument you invest in, play with, spend time with to get the best sound, must be tuned.

Like a musician, when we are heart led, we too must often invest in that time to tune in and listen.

Fear can often stop us from being heart led. Fear warns us to be cautious, to not do something. Fear acts as a reminder. We must master Fear.

Patience and forgiveness are huge keys of a successful heartset practice. We can hold on to hurts and unforgiveness, which blocks the outpouring of energy that we need. We need energy to keep that heart functioning.

The ho’oponopono prayer is a huge resource.

Learn how to harness energy! This is something I teach and share.

*Tune in

*Learn patience and forgiveness

*Master Fear

*Learn about how to harness energy

What is the key to a limitless mindset?

The key to limitless mindset in its purest, most raw element form is in my opinion, and 40 years experience is one thing.

This one thing is often feared most, is often misunderstood, is hardly ever actually taught, but often we are told to just do!

To learn this skill is both a gift to yourself and to others.

To live this lifestyle will take you to places you have only ever dreamt of. You will meet and connect with people you never thought you would.

What is this key you may ask?



When you start to believe, really believe, amazing things happen, but this really takes actionable work but I believe in you.


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