Heartset Coaching by Tracy Brinkmann

Heartset Coaching by Tracy Brinkmann

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset is the innermost desire, that hunger and yearning for “X”.  It is that thing you need nearly as bad as, and as regularly, you need oxygen.  Perhaps it is a goal, if it is, you will have an unwavering drive to accomplish that goal at all costs.  However, it is not just the goal itself, no, no.  Your heartset is that deep-seeded connection to what you will have to accomplish and whom you will have to become in order to attain that underlying aspiration.  I believe that at its core, your heartset is the why behind what you hunger for and yearn to attain.  It is that anchor deep in your very soul that fosters your dedication, allegiance, and willingness to sacrifice.  Even when that sacrifice is beyond whatever you would have to go through.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
100% – A person’s mindset is a recurrent way of thinking.  It is made up of a series of objective, analytical, reasons behind your actions (impoverished mindset vs. bountiful mindset.) But your mindset is impacted, pre-conditioned, conditioned and re-conditioned by external sources and stimuli. Whether those external sources are intentional (reading books, watching positive content etc.) or not (social media, legacy media etc.) So, these external stimuli could be breaking down or building up limiting belief within you.

Meanwhile, your heartset, which is fully internal, accepts no quarter, takes no prisoners or failure.  Your heartset expects, and only accepts, an assailing, ongoing push towards reaching your heart’s desire.  It is the outright devotion against the odds, obstacles and people that can – and will – stand in the way.  Thus, your heartset can help you far better align your mindset towards that end.

How can people practice heartset?
Follow your heart!!  I know it sounds simple to say but not always simple to do right?  No matter what your heart is set upon, there is always a way to take even the smallest step towards it.   Let’s say you want to be a drummer in a band but don’t know how to play.  Go get yourself a pair of sticks and a book on rudiments.  Each little step will be motivational as they lead you towards your heartset.  Looking for practical things you can do? Do the following regularly:

Tell them how important they are to you, hug included.

Get up and go for a walk especially if you can walk amongst nature.

Start a journal – don’t know what to write?  Start with things you are grateful for.

Write a note of appreciation & leave it for someone – even if that someone is you.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
I don’t think there is a 1 key to a limitless mindset.  That’s like asking “What is the key to being healthy?”  There are a few steps you need to take to accomplish that.  I would offer the same to having a limitless mindset.  You will have to do a few things including:

1-Realize the amazing tool between your ears continues to absorb and grow throughout life – offering limitless capacity and capability.

2-Learn with a pure growth mindset makes dodging and dealing with difficulties easier.

3-Realize that easy doesn’t foster learning.  Deeper learning happens during difficulties.  Grab mistakes with both hands and read the lessons written in them.

4-Truly deep Learning requires some creativity.  Approach difficulties from multiple directions.  Burst through, dig under, flank around and leap over.

Finally, don’t go at everything alone. Get other perspective and opinion.  Combine all these and your limitless mindset will be on fire!


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