Heartset Coaching by Tracy Rickards

Heartset Coaching by Tracy Rickards

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset is the magical energy that shapes your happiness and fulfilment in life. It is the blissful marriage between our deepest wants and desires and our natural passions. It goes to the very centre of who we truly are.

Heartset is aligning our choices with those deepest desires, aligning with our values. Our choices in life partner, friends, hobbies, and career can all be shaped to meet those desires, bringing us the very best level of joy, fulfillment, and personal satisfaction available.

Heartset is paying close attention to that still, small voice inside that knows who we are and what makes for our best life. It is the uncovering of our soul, removing layers heaped on us by how we are taught, trained, molded, and revealing the person we are and were truly meant to be.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Heartset makes mindset easier because it relieves the often-overwhelming decision process. When we know internally what our true values and desires are, Heartset can provide ease in choosing what to say YES to, and what is a clear NO.

When our brain says one thing and our heart says another, this causes energetic blockages to success. Forcing yourself to “power through” may work temporarily, but long-term will set you up for procrastination or burnout. Aligning through Heartset makes this easier. Developing a winning mindset aligned to your heart makes the “doing” part a breeze!

Heartset releases any shame, guilt, or pressure from others and unravels the programming of doing your life someone else’s way. You are free to be who you truly are – and this is energizing. Work becomes fun!

With Heartset, we maximize our energy, our creativity, and our power to build a life we truly love living!

How can people practice heartset?
You can practice Heartset first with a commitment to loving yourself and living your best life.

Begin with presence to what is, and awareness of what feels GOOD – good in your spirit, your emotions, your body, AND your mind. These four aspects of you – body, mind, emotions, spirit – may not always agree! But with greater awareness, you can learn your true values and start the process of alignment bringing greater fulfilment for each.

You can practice Heartset by visualizing your best life, using all your senses to create it in your mind’s eye. What does it look like? Sound like? What are the fragrances and aromas? What does it FEEL like to be living there? Who is with you? How do you enjoy each moment? Practice this five minutes daily, and watch your world begin to change shape.

Practicing Heartset accelerates your results and your happiness.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
The key to a limitless mindset is 100% honesty with yourself. Be willing to admit what your dreams and desires truly are, not ones that have been dictated to you by someone else. Too often, we’re chasing dreams that aren’t even ours.

There are “little voices” inside us, telling us we’re right or making us wrong, saying we’re too much of this, and not enough of that. The narrators in our heads tend to be mostly critics. The key is finding which voice is our own and putting the others in their place.

With so many emotions and attachments involved, it’s difficult. Those voices are friends and family, people we love! Putting them in their place, even in our heads, can produce new feelings of shame, guilt, anger, or fear. Being able to effectively process these is key. A clearing practitioner can guide the way and help you realize your dreams!


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