Host Your Summit To Over 2000 Members

Summits and online conferences are great...but you need an audience.

Brilliant reasons to host your online summit in our group

Instant Audience

You have over 2100 coaches who can tap straight into your awesome event.

Easier to get speakers

Soon as you tell people they will be broadcast to a group over over 2000 coaches, you watch their interest rocket.

Cheaper to market your event

It's pretty hard to get your event posted up in different groups and Facebook ads are expensive, so you'll save time and money.

You don't need to buy software

Summit software can be VERY expensive, but you don't need that now.

Send invites to group members

So let's say you have 10 speakers as a temporary moderator of the group you'll be able to create events for every speaker and send out invites to the members.

Interview your speakers

As a temporary moderator you'll be abke to use Zoom and Streamyard in the group, so it's easy to interview guests.

How to book

1. Go to the calendar
2. Pick a date
3. Make the small one time payment of $97 

That's it!
How easy is that???

You actually get 24 hours

Click submit and I'll take you to a quick questionnaire.

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