How to create a group coaching program for 2023

How to create a group coaching program for 2023

How to create a group coaching program for 2023

A group coaching program for 2023 is the sensible choice for all coaches who want to have a bigger impact on this world while making a very successful business.

For many years coaches have tried to sell high ticket coaching, but the downsides include a lot of marketing, fewer clients, increased levels of stress and it’s a lot less fun.

Therefore a group coaching program for 2023 is a very practical and aligned solution that creates abundance, and will certainly bring in more happiness. 

How to create a group coaching program for 2023 that has massive impact and abundance.

  1. Start off with helping your clients solve one problem.
  2. Don’t make it a massive problem like divorce.
  3. Go for a smaller but very important issues such as, how to create positive mental health for your children when going through divorce.
  4. It’s still a massive subject, but working on a niche within divorce will help you stand out and you’ll be noticed as a specialist which is great.
  5. Now think of 7 activities you can do with your clients in your group coaching program for 2023
  6. Each one of those activities must lend itself towards the desired transformation; in this instance, how to create positive mental health for your children when going through divorce.

What is group coaching?

Group coaching does not have to be just coaching, it’s important to cover that base first of all. So you could just mentor people if you wish.

Group coaching is when you have a group of people coming together and they seek the same or a similar transformation, for example group coaching for weighloss, group coaching for kinder parenting. 

Usually the group coaching will have a platform, such as Zoom, or a private Whatsapp group, but traditionally group coaching was always in person, but since e have great technology, let’s make good use of it.

How to create a group coaching program for 2023 with a super low price.

What if, you charged just $1 a day?
Imagine having 100 people or 500 people in your group.
Just look at the impact…500 people learning from you and supporting their families.
Nothing short of magnificent.

If you are going to create a group coaching program for 2023, how do you get people to join?

It couldn’t be easier.
So there you are speaking to someone going through divorce, and you talk about the children and how it can secretly effect them, because lets face it, children are massively disrupted with divorce. When you ask the question “How have you invested in your children to help them through this tough time?” You know the answer might, might come with a bit of silence, followed by an expmanation of how they are asking ther children everyday ff they are ok. 

Therefore, telling them about your $1 a day program is such an easy introduction.

How else can you get people into your group coaching program for 2023?

Well, you could just ask people.
“Do you know anyone who….”
Quite simple really.

What are the benefits of group coaching?

Do you mind if I concentrate my focus on you and not your clients?

1. These people will become your ambassadors 

  1. You’ll see patterns forming and can create services to suit those patterns
  2. These are the people who will buy your premium products
  3. Your marketing becomes so much easier 
  4. There is less marketing for you to do
  5. Such an uplifting environment

You’ll never be short on content ideas, the group will direct your path and you’ll become a leader. Group coaching really is the way forward.

When should you start a group coaching program in 2023?

Do it now.
Open your phone, tell everyone what you are doing.
Contact all of your old clients, colleagues and friends.
Let your current clients know what you are doing.

Tell them all you start on Monday.

How to structure a group coaching program.

Keep it simple.
1 problem.
1 transformation.
5 minutes a day.
Allow people to ask questions.
Answer the questions in the group.

How much to charge for a group coaching program?

I like to see your group coaching program priced at the lowest price your clients will pay. You may think that is $1 a day, or maybe $10, what’s the lowest they will pay. The isse we are contending with here is credibility and worthiness. 

How many people do you need in your group coaching program?

Starting with you and 2 others is fine.
Please don’t think it is too small.
You can tell them, “Look, I’m starting out, so you’ll benefit from a bit of personalisation”

What are the best days for group coaching calls?

Oooh good question.
What days suit you?
I ask that because you won’t be able to please everyone.
Our clients tend to offer 5 to 10 minutes a day, either for 5 or 7 days a week.
That way, everyone can jump in on a day to suit them.

Where do you host your group coaching program?

We recommend a place that is accessible but free from distraction and complexity. 

If you need a password it starts to make things inaccessible.
Facebook is full of distraction.

We use Whatsapp.
Easy to access.
No real distraction.
It’s free.
Most people have it.

What is the transformation you’ll create for your group coaching program in 2023?

The transformation is why people will buy.
You need to make it their desire, so skip past the practicality.
I’ll give you an example.
“How to feel happier when going through a divorce” is quite a need based solution and very practical, it can sell, but its not easy.

However, if your group was about “Its how to forget your ex, and wake up happy every morning” Now that becomes exciting. It’s what they want. This will sell a lot more.

How much support will you provide?

How much support do you want to provide, that’s probably a better question.
And when your group coaching program is screwed down to a very low price, the expectations of the group are not high.

Best advice… keep to the single transformation don’t go beyond that, they can pay extra for anything else.

How can your group coaching program upsell into other services?

Great questions to ask.
Your new clients are building trrust with you.

Each new day they tune in to your wisdom, soak it up, follow through with your teachings and their life becomes better.

I want you to imagine you have 50 people in your group.
And you have noticed your group members referring to a specific problem you do not cover in your group training. You get thinking about this problem and you put on a special event, its a Saturday morning workshop and its $100 to attend. Do you think 5 people will buy, what about 10, 20, or 25?

Just 10 people is $1000, not bad for a Saturday morning, and you can repeat the event the following month.

Or you could create a Mastermind.
You meet up once a week, for 90 minutes.
It’s open for just 8 people.
They all pay you $250 a month.
That’s $2000 a month.

Can you do 2 masterminds??
$4000 a month, and have your 50 people all paying you $1 a day.

How to launch your group coaching program?

You do not need a funnel, a website, paid ads, or a big trumpet on your social media accounts, shouting out to the world.

Launch it through conversations.
Having a real chat with people, so you can understand what they are seeking, and demonstrate how your group will support their needs.

You can say the group starts in 2 weeks time, but for the moment you are asking people to join today for just $x for the frst 6 weeks, then the price goes to $XXX.

So you could let them have a discount for the first few weeks if you wish, as it will help you get them to join today, and not run around on launch day.

How do you market your group coaching program? 

While other business coaches will encourage you to have a very wide net, including all social media platforms, there’s actually much to be said with just using word of mouth, and connecting to people who are already aware of you.

You see, what if this group was “invitation only?”
It would make it a little more special.
Potential clients would want to prove their worth.
And the dynamics of the group will remain closely the same as the group expands, making it easier to manage client expectations.

In summary…
You really need a group coaching program because

1. They are easy to set up

  1. And manage
  2. Very little marketing experience or expertise is required
  3. It’s these people who will buy your premium services

You may have spent $1000s on marketing with business coaches and not really moved that far forward, but hopefully, you have seen how you can step up.
We are here to help, just reach out.


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