How to find coaching clients with the law of attraction

How to find coaching clients with the law of attraction

How to find coaching clients with the law of attraction is a powerful and natural force that can help you manifest your goals.

Humans have known about it for centuries, with many great minds from history confirming that it exists and can be used to achieve amazing things.

But how does it work?

How do you know when you’ve manifested something?

And what about the other side of the coin—how do you attract clients as a coach or mentor instead of chasing after them? In this article, we’ll discuss how the law of attraction works, why it’s worth paying attention to if you’re looking for new clients or customers, and some tips for putting these principles into practice today!

Learn how to work with the law of attraction and use it to find potential coaching clients.

A lot of people are confused about what the law of attraction is. It’s not meant to be a passive way to get what you want, nor is it magic. It’s a universal law that can help you attract your desires into fruition, but you have to put in some effort first.

The Law Of Attraction Is A Universal Law, The Law Of Attraction isn’t just something made up by some wacky cult leader or New Age guru—it’s a real thing that exists in nature and affects everyone on Earth all the time. You don’t need any special tools or ingredients; you need to visualize your goals clearly, create action, and understand how this universal force works so that you can harness its power for yourself!

How to find coaching clients with the law of attraction and be on the same page.

The Law of Attraction is not meant to be used as a passive way to achieve your aims; rather, it is a process that you can use in order to help yourself bring your desires to fruition. By using this process properly, you can attract people who are interested in working with you as coaches and clients—or any type of relationship where both parties benefit from being together.

Attract Clients Instead of Chasing Them

Attracting clients is a matter of getting clear on what you want. If you’re not attracting the right type of clients, it’s because you aren’t being clear enough on your vision.

For example, if you’re attracting people who don’t have enough money to pay for coaching, it’s because your vision isn’t specific enough about who does have the money to pay for coaching and who doesn’t. And this is not greed.

This is why I say this is a Law of Attraction principle rather than a law of attraction technique: Any time something happens that isn’t in line with your intentions (such as attracting lots of clients but not much revenue), look at what needs adjusting in order to get closer to what you want (attracting lots of revenue).

Be Clear About What You Want

Before you can attract the right clients to your business, it’s crucial that you know what kind of clients would be a good fit for your services.

To get clear on what kind of client you want, ask yourself: “What are my ideal clients?” This can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You might think about their age, occupation, gender identity or expression, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation—whatever helps define them and make them stand out from other people in your mind.

Once you have an idea about what type of person would be best for your coaching practice (or any business really), spend some time thinking about the qualities those individuals possess that make them great customers. Do they value honesty? Respectful communication? Flexibility? Passionate dedication to achieving goals? Whatever traits come up for each client will help shape how they interact with others around them—and how they interact with YOU when they’re in need of coaching support!

Don’t Give Up

If you’re struggling to find clients, that doesn’t mean the law of attraction isn’t working. It just means it’s not working for you at this moment in time. You may be wondering how long it will take before your business starts making money, but there’s no magic number on that front either. The only thing that matters is whether or not you keep going until your goal is achieved—and if there were a shortcut to get results faster than that, everyone would already be doing it!

But don’t let yourself get discouraged by thinking about how much work still needs to be done; rather than focusing on what hasn’t happened yet, focus on all the progress you’ve already made and all the ways your life has improved because of your efforts thus far. Remember: other people have achieved their goals using these same methods—and so can you!

The law of attraction is a process that you can use to help yourself bring your desires to fruition, but it’s not meant to be used as a passive way to get what you want.

The law of attraction is a process that you can use to help yourself bring your desires to fruition, but it’s not meant to be used as a passive way to get what you want. The law of attraction is not magic, and it won’t work if you don’t put in the effort required.

To put this into perspective, imagine that you want to attract business clients who will pay you $200 per hour for coaching services in your area of expertise. In order for this desire to manifest, I would need to do something like:

  • Create marketing materials that describe my coaching services and how people can work with me.

  • Talk to people, you can contact David here.

  • Make sure that my marketing materials are on social media platforms where coaches can find them (Facebook Groups)

  • Reach out via email or phone call when someone expresses interest in working with me


  1. Know your values

  2. Bring your value into your business

  3. Outline your vision

  4. Find the client who desires to become you or what you have

  5. Speak with people, let them know your services

  6. Live the best version of you

    And if you need more support, click here.

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