The Inquiry Process...

We do not care how many calls we need to understand your journey, we’ll do what it takes, but do not expect free coaching on our discovery calls.

The process is simple…
1. What is it you want?
2. What resources and experience do you have?
3. What will you need from us?

Please EXPECT to have a lot of questions to answer, some will be easy and other questions will really get you thinking. You are making a serious investment with us, and we must have total clarity on the project you are creating with us.

If you are looking for just some lead generation activities go and buy a book from Amazon and take some action.

We also can’t promise we can work with you. If we don’t think it is right, we’ll say so.

We look forward to hearing from you


Most marketing problems are solved in 7 minutes

You are told your issue is a marketing problem

If you need to place a screw in a wall, you do NOT use a hammer.
It may work for some people, but it’s not the right solution.
The same applies to your coaching business.
The real issue faced is a people and strategy problem.

Since you are using a hammer instead of a screwdriver the problem remains.

No need for websites or funnels

You do not require a Facebook group

Wave goodbye to paid adverts

Zero requirement for lead magnets

We invite you to see our road map, nothing more. See if our approach, is the missing piece you are looking for…

Ditching marketing gimmicks, we advocate for a common-sense approach, unveiling our roadmap for all to see. There’s no obligation to purchase – our goal is to transparently illustrate our methods.

It’s a departure from the noise of traditional marketing, as we prioritize authenticity and clarity. Take a genuine look at what makes us unique without the pressure to buy. We believe in offering insight into our journey, fostering trust through openness. In a world saturated with marketing nonsense, we stand by the simplicity of our message, inviting you to explore the essence of our offerings on your terms.