How To Sell High-Ticket Coaching Services

The secrets to high-ticket sales for coaches lie in several fields, and we can all do this; it’s just a matter of connecting the dots. However, most courses neglect a vital component.

You’ve probably read about the importance of finding a niche, researching what individuals in that niche need, and then creating a solution to solve their problems. It’s likely you’ve created a ‘value proposition’ to demonstrate the worth of your service, and I’m sure you’ve also developed a lead magnet and a funnel.

But it’s still not working, right?

There is a crucial ingredient you might be missing, and that’s a ton of proof and a community of raving fans. While having a few testimonials here and there is okay, 2 or 3 testimonials don’t really sway a $10,000 sale. Besides, you don’t want to be selling.

how to sell high-ticketEverything you’re being encouraged to do by the marketing community is to sell, and to sell with urgency and scarcity. The problem with that approach is that it brings a sour taste to the process. While you may experience short-term wins, it actually stunts growth.

So, what is the solution? We need to let go of the idea of high-ticket services for the moment. That is the cherry on the cake everyone wants, but for the cherry to look so appetizing, you need a delicious cake for it to sit on. And most coaches just present a lonely cherry.

What is this cake I write about? It’s a community of people paying for your services, who love who you are, what you do, what they have achieved with you, and they see a future with you – they see the cherry.

For a moment, I want you to think about this community in the long term. You decide on your numbers, but I’m going to propose that in 5 years time, you have a community of 2500 people, all paying you $50 a month. In 10 years time, you have 10,000 people.

The financials that the group delivers are huge – $125,000 a month in 5 years. And we have to ask the question, do we need a high-ticket service at that point? Perhaps you do, and that is fine.

But let’s shrink the group to just 100 people; you achieve this in 1 year, and you are making $5000 a month from the group. Each month, the group grows by just 5%, and in 12 months time, you’ll have 180 people in the group and $9000 a month.

Now imagine each month just 2 people are buying your high-ticket program. You are not selling it to them. They can see what it is, and they are applying to join. Can you see how the missing ingredient starts with community?

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