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Who Do You Serve?

I serve Empathic women and creatives

What Problems Do You Help People Overcome?

I specifically help with emotional well-being such as depression, grief, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, toxic relationships, abuse, trauma, co-dependency, fear, lack of confidence, lack of clarity, but also help to provide spiritual guidance and can help them with pain and help them to find balance mind, body, and spirit.

What Is Your Favourite Question To Ask A Client?

I love asking my clients to tell me their story about when it all began. I love to hear their backstory to understand their pain points and how their conditions/obstacles have progressed and what they have already tried. As a holistic healer, it is very important for me to understand the root cause and in order to do so, I need to hear their story.

Why Do People Like Working With You?

People love working with me because I am empathic, a good listener, clairvoyant, a medium, a spiritual teacher, knowledgeable about holistic health and wellness including natural remedies, and a talented healer. And most importantly, because of the joy that they feel and the results that they see.

What Services Do You Offer? 

1:1 healing sessions (for 3 months), Mini-NLP sessions (to work on mindset and releasing self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behavior), Group Healings, 1:1 Healing Sessions for Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety, Speaking

Can You Share A Success Story Please?

I have had many success stories. One of my favorites is when a client came to me who had been to doctor after doctor and basically didn’t have faith that I could help him, but he came to me and I was able to direct him to the root cause of his health condition and he made a simple, natural change and his health was quickly restored after being chronically ill for years.HR Professional/CRM/Aspiring Life Coach/Transformational Storyteller

Anything you would like to add?

I am a holistic healer, medium, writer, and speaker. I advocate for women’s health and wellness. With over twenty years researching alternative health and wellness and seventeen years as a healer, I help empathic women and creatives go from stuck, struggling, and questioning to joyful, empowered, and thriving.

I use my skills and knowledge as a holistic healer, clairvoyant, and medium to determine the root cause of my clients challenging chronic issues and a personalized approach to treat the problem with natural remedies for fast, lasting results. I overcame my debilitating fifteen-year chronic illness in one month, on my own, by addressing the root cause and treating it with natural remedies. My amazing story was featured in the Amazon bestseller, Food Heals.

I am currently writing my first book about childbirth around the world from a holistic perspective. If anyone is interested in contributing to the book, they can contact me.

How Do You Like People To Contact You?
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