life coach

Who Do You Serve?

I help women who feel disconnected from themselves rediscover their inner light, follow their heart & take charge of their life unapologetically so that they can shine their unique light

What Problems Do You Help People Overcome?

Disconnection with themselves & others
Old stories that are holding them back
Limiting beliefs
Inner critic
Inner child
Self Doubt

What Is Your Favourite Question To Ask A Client?

How does this serve you?

Why Do People Like Working With You?

I hold a safe space for women to share their stories
I am non-judgemental
I am calm & compassionate
I am understanding & easy to talk to
I am kind, caring & encouraging
I’m a good listener
I care about my client’s growth
I inspire others to grow & expand

What Services Do You Offer? 

1-2-1 coaching

Can You Share A Success Story Please?

This is feedback from a client I coached using a modality called “7 steps to Spiritual Alchemy” coaching through the chakras:

“There were things I needed to talk to someone about that were affecting many areas of my life & speaking them through with someone helped me realise that it was time to move on. Life is what you make it & I was making myself miserable. I’ve learned to overcome my issues by adopting techniques discussed in sessions. By not torturing myself & others, relationships have improved. A really big take away for me was that things happen for us, not too us!”

How Do You Like People To Contact You?

facebook DM: Leigh Huxley
Instagram: huxleyleigh
Mobile: (+44) 07917753717


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