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Life Coach Anchorage AK, Lindsay Nelson, shows you how to embrace life in a loving way…

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When we are young, we should have parents, family and school teachers to guide us through life, but we have this weird thing in society that when we reach adulthood, we are no longer guided and most of us lose our way in some description or other. 

Lindsay Nelson (life coach Anchorage, helping women with weight loss and hormone issues) was no different. 

Aged 22, weighing almost 200lbs, with 2 children, and coming out of a very abusive relationship, life coach Lindsay knows exactly what it’s like to come from a position of what seems bottomless. 

Today Lindsay would like to share how you can be the person you can only dare to be. And Lindsay…she walks the catwalks, what a transformation she made with life, body and soul.


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Life Coach Anchorage AK – We can’t work from a point of desperation.

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Why do most people fail and come up short when trying to change their lives?
Lindsay Nelson (Life coach Anchorage) will point out that focussing on the negative will only give us negative results. It’s not about what we want to leave behind? Why? Because who we are today are lessons we created for ourselves. Those lessons are important and will serve us for the rest of our lives. It’s not about banishment, it’s abiut embracing the new you, having positive thoughts and turning them into positive actions. But where do you start and how?


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Life Coach Anchorage AK – Getting started on your “New You”.

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When we are down and not feeling good about life, often it’s a question of “where do I start?” Lindsay Nelson (Life coach Anchorage) Many people, will go and work out at a place like Planet Fitness Anchorage, but is that right for you. While fitness should be a priority for everyone, it’s a question of where do we start? And that’s where a life coach comes in. Because it doesn’t matter if you are physically unhealthy, what got you to that point in the first place?


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Life Coach Anchorage AK – Tackling the demons.

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This is the hard bit.
Lindsay Nelson (Life Coach Anchorage) explains more.

What are the demons?
When did they start?
Why did you accept them into your life?
How have they impacted your life?
What other demons have been created?
What demons keep returning?

And it’s not easy to find these answers or to overcome them. So let’s go back to the beginning of this article, when you were at school you had teachers to guide you, today we need a life coach

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Why Do People Go To Planet Fitness Anchorage?

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Planet Fitness Anchorage is very popular and many people are helping themselves in magnificent ways, but are you ready for it? 

Working out is a wonderful thing to do, it’s not just the physical side of things, but working out releases positive chemicals in your brain and that’s going to help you.

However, it’s not a cure for the demons, and that MUST have top priority. Lindsay Nelson (life coach anchorage) didn’t go from almost 200lbs to beauty queen by just working out.

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So Is Something Like Planet Fitness Anchorage Worthwhile?

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Any sort of physical exercise is going to be worthwhile to your well-being, but it’s more than that. It’s more than healthy food and working out. We need a foundation and that comes from within. 

Lindsay Nelson (life coach Anchorage) will be very clear with this, and as her friend, David Poole rather ineloquently puts it ” you can’t polish a turd.” Lindsay though will remind us all, we are not turds (lol) but David has a great point if we want things to work we need to work on us first.

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The Lindsay Nelson Interview THIS LADY ROCKS…

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Lindsay…Who Do You Serve?

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Women with hormone, rehabilitation, pelvic floor issues who struggle with weight loss and urgency.

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What Problems Do You Help People Overcome?

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I help transform their life through a total body rehabilitation with my group weight loss program. Clients learn how to manage their bladder issues and heal the body naturally, safely over time. I work with women all the way from postpartum to menopause with severe hormone imbalances.

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What Is Your Favourite Question To Ask A Client?

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Why is now so important for you to get started? If you had to walk me through a normal day for you, what would that look like?

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Why Do People Like Working With You?

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Because I listen to what they’re telling me. Sometimes less is more what I mean by that is you have to always act like you know what you’re doing. If you start getting defensive when a client needs help because they don’t understand it’s simple you will lose that client. My clients start seeing results within the first two weeks of the program. Because I’m kind and unbiased but still firm. I never use words like “I think that would be ok” that kind of statement make clients second guess you because you second guess yourself.

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What Services Do You Offer? 

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Online Group Coaching
Mindset Coaching
Membership site
Recipe Library
Workout Plans
Meal Plans
24/7 Chat messenger
Daily Blog Subscription
Podcast Subscription


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Can You Share A Success Story Please?

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For this I’d like to share my own…

I started out as a 22 year old who just had my second baby, I weighed 199lbs at just 5’3, had 2 emergency c-sections and gallbladder surgery.

I was going through the most horrific domestic violence/ divorce after my then husband ran me over with his vehicle in our driveway. I left with just two black plastic bags of clothing, $50, grabbed my toddler and new baby. One of the places I will never forget is the women’s shelter who helped me in so many different ways.

I remember feeling depressed my body had been through so much at a very young age. My self esteem was pretty much non existent, I didn’t know how to do anything (had no education) I grew up literally in the woods in bush Alaska which wasn’t uncommon to go weeks without seeing another soul.

Through all of this there was one very important question I asked myself. Do I want to live the rest of my life like this? I knew immediately the answer was NO. Something snapped in me and I decided to just grab a Personal Training Manual since every diet I ever tried had never worked. By the time I turn 23 I had lost a total of 74lbs, I went from a size 16 pant size to a size 1 the end goal for me was never the pant size but to simply feel good again. In 2012 I decided to get my Personal Trainer Certificate that was a huge moment in my life.

Eventually I was awarded full custody of my amazing sons who are both preteens now, that I’ve raised for the last decade as a single mom.

It wasn’t over yet I thought my life was headed in the right direction. I had a steady job, went back to school (graduated) , got me and my kids to a safe place I purchased from saving my pennies I only made $8 an hour.

In 2015 my world would come crashing down! It was April 17th 2015 when the whole left side of my face collapsed. I was rushed to the nearest Emergency Room for scans. The good news is I didn’t have a stroke like the doctors originally thought. I got diagnosed with Dystonia an extreme neurological condition that causes muscle spasms and excruciating chronic pain. There is no cure. I spent two full years with my face being disfigured, my spasms were so bad that to this day my jaw bone is still broken. Resetting it may make things worse. People who I hung out with stopped speaking to me it was as if I had the plague. In the midst of all this I also became a Certified Firefighter which had been a goal of mine (I never in a million years thought I’d pass). They strap lead weight to you weighing 45lbs and you have to run 3 miles in under 45 minutes in 90 degree weather. Furthermore I ran that 3 miles in my high heels because all of the guys kept ripping on me saying I’d never make it. My other shoes were in the truck but me being the stubborn cookie I am, I wanted to prove them wrong so I kept the heels on and made them eat their words. Mind you my feet were sore for days afterwards but still worth it!

As it turns out my diagnosis was actually a gift. While still struggle with chronic pain and flare ups. I reclaimed my life through health and fitness! I made a decision that I was going to at least try since my fate had already been handed to me, my kids needed their mother take care of them. I started a more disciplined wellness routine and slowly I got better in fact no one can tell I ever had an issue. My doctors were stunned as this had never happened before with a Dystonia patient. I have went on to require a lot more abdominal surgeries including a Tumor removed just last year, unrelated.

I’m now competing in State Pageants!

It’s been my journey that has made me the coach I am today. Without my journey I can honestly say I’d never be this far. Overcoming obstacles is now my superpower so if you’re stuck and it feels impossible for a comeback because of the cards you’ve been dealt. You’re just one decision away from your own success story. Make a choice to take back your life!

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How Do You Like People To Contact You?

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Email fitlife907@gmail.com

Join my Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/560762037691787/



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