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Lisa Cobble is a life coach in Coventry and she specialises in helping people find their inner superhero. It does not mean you have to wear a cape or a mask, and you have don’t have to be a crime fighter.

Finding your inner superhero is all about being the best version of you, and over the years you have experienced so many amazing things, and you have so much wisdom. The thing is, we often forget, or just cannot see how blessed we are.

A lot of people will reach out for a life coach to overcome difficult issues.
And all of these issues have the same things in common.
We feel pressured at times.
The outside world is affecting us.
We don’t know how to switch off.
And we forget how to enjoy life, sometimes life can feel almost unbearable.

Being your own superhero works on the premise everyone is fantastic, and you are, trust me on this, even if you might feel pretty average at the moment…we can all feel like that.
But once you can tap into those feelings of strength, and we’ve all had them, by recapturing that feeling of “Yes, anything is possible!” or the memory of you feeling “Yes, I can do this!”
We can then start to define your inner superhero, giving you the strength you need to overcome any task.

We Control Our Destiny

Sometimes it can be hard to believe we have all the aces in the pack, and that’s because when we are frazzled, and up against the wall, we tend to have a limited and narrowed view of the world around us.

What a really good life coach will help you discover, is you have choices, no matter what.
All of our actions, the words we say, and the thoughts we have, are reflected out into our world.
Everything has a consequence, and it’s not magic.

If life coaching, and being a superhero to yourself will teach you anything, is that you become your world, and your world becomes you. See it as a dance partner. The moves you make affect your partner and vice versa. If one of you goes too fast, or changes step the other struggles.

And you has already seen, when you smile the world smiles back.

Yes, I know sometimes it can be hard to smile, but that’s where life coaching comes in, this is where we can fall back to a “default position” where we are in control.

Some people say they don’t have the energy or desire to be a superhero.

However, I want you to know, this is about you.
It’s not about the ability to save the world.
Though you are going to inspire people through how they see your positive changes.

And that’s where a life coach like me is going to say “you are impacting your world”.

So come on.
If you need a leg up.
To take a load off your mind.
And to have the ability to make breakthroughs in life you are seeking.
Let me help you.

Yes, I am a life coach in Coventry, but with the power of Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp and all those other wonderful faces to face video apps, I can be the best life coach for you, wherever you live.

Thank you for reading.
Please give me a call



Lisa Cobble is a Life Coach in Coventry
11 Norman Ashman Coppice,
Binley Woods
West Midlands

07984 528563

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