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In the right hands $250,000 can go a long way for many people…

We say life shouldn’t be about money, we agree, but we also live in a human world where money can buy us “advantages” from a new home to treating friends and everything in between.

I am going to show you why $250,000 a year can be achieved by any life coach, without experience and without any prior business knowledge.

The only thing left stopping you…will be you.


1. Not everyone will be able to afford your services and that’s fine. But there are many people who are willing you pay you a lot of money to overcome their problems.

2. When you earn bigger money, you have more time to give away for free to those who can’t afford you.

3. All you need are 21 people, paying you $1000 a month and you’ll reach your target.

4. That’s just 21 hours of a coaching a week, a little over four hours a day.

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spiritual business coach

How to find coaching clients

Do you need clients for your coaching business? We can help you with our challenge.