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Life Coach New Orleans

Success is usually only a few steps away, while many of us are always searching for new answers “Life coach New Orleans” Nicky Stansbury, proves to us all, we already have the answers and they are staring us in the face.

“Our starting point should always be our organization,” says Nicky. Many female entrepreneurs trying to be their own boss fall down on the first step, making every other part of their life and work, so much harder.

But being organized is never really given the credit it deserves, simply because it seems like an easy task, but we often fail to be organized because we all go back to a time in our childhood when we were told to clean our room. In adulthood and now your business, organization seems a chore we just don’t want to handle…

Nicky Stansbury The Life Coach For New Orleans, Brings NEW Results Into Your Life.

Let’s dig into personal organization a little deeper, and we will do so from the perspective of the outside world. We often think our personal organization needs some TLC when we start to become forgetful, perhaps you lose something, forget a date or an important meeting. Or when you are going to bed very late at night after running around all day doing all the jobs you think you need to do. Maybe at that point you want a 25th hour or an 8th day.

But even if you had that extra time, nothing would change and here’s why.
The reason why you can feel out of place, lost, tired, and feel like business and life is a juggling act is not because of the amount of tasks you are doing…that’s only a reflection you have created. Let me tell you more.


When Your Outside World Is Fast And Furious…Or Just A Bit All Over The Place

The reality is this. We create our own world, the influence we have on our lives is massive, so whatever is going on in our external world, eg our day-to-day life, is a reflection of what’s happening inside of us.

Whether you are over worked, under pressure, can’t seem to find the results you need or you are tired…It’s all a reflection of you. And it can’t be solved in the outside world.

As a busy female entrepreneur, you may feel that a personal assistant could be the right answer, but while they can add value, it will only serve to be a bandaid on the real issue. In fact, you’ll probably make the assistant a reflection of you. 


Life Coach New Orleans Says – It’s Harder For Us Ladies, But That’s Not An Excuse

For us ladies, it is a little harder. From a purely physiological point of view, we are operating out of our zone. It’s a mans world, designed by men for men to suit their physiology. And we have to understand we are different. 

Again this is all about the outside world, our external self, and how it reflects you. So we have to be smart, we have to learn to what our bodies are saying to truly make an impact and reach the results we want to achieve. 

How New Orleans Life Coach Nicky From BossLady Will Help You Get Results…

A great life coach is a great listener, someone who can ask you the most important questions that change your life on the spot. 

Questions and support that give you an instant solution, and it’s usually very much within your reach. 

Rather than massive change, using a coach like Nicky often means adapting slight changes, that create so much meaning and positive effect. You should try her!

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The following is a brief interview with top LIFE COACH, Nicky Stansbury from New Orleans.

Who Do You Serve?

BossLadies aka Service Based Women Entrepreneurs looking to organize their power around money, time, and spirit.

What Problems Do You Help People Overcome?

They have been operating from an All or Nothing way of life/business which has caused procrastination, fear, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, stress, not enough of resources, money, time, fun, happiness.

Can You Share A Success Story Please?

The first time that I met this particular client was late because she couldn’t find her credit card. It turned out she had left it in her attic, imagine tha! And that was her level of organization skills before she came to me? A beautiful ladt but so much was misplaced, and her environment reflected her.She came to day 2 reporting that she found it in the attic. Today, she is organized, focused, and creating a multiple 6 figure business.

How Do You Like People To Contact You?

You can contact me on my email

And you can find me here on Facebook

What Services Do You Offer? 

Online programs, group coaching, 1-2-1 to few, events.

Why Do People Like Working With You?

I’m transparent. They feel peace and my words give them power.

What Is Your Favourite Question To Ask A Client?

Using 3 positive words what do you want your money and days to look like.

new orleans life coach

Does This Resonate With You?

Reach out to Nicky, have a quick chat with her about where you are at in your life, the struggles you are having, and what you would like to achieve. 

Let Nicky unlock your potential.


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