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Salt Lake City Life Coach Gretchen Palmer Talk About TRANSFORMATIONAL Weight loss

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Life coach Salt Lake City
Losing weight is a bind for any lady.
It’s just just how we feel personally, but what image are saying about ourselves?
And who hasn’t been in countless diets.

Gretchen Palmer, #1 Salt Lake City Life Coach for weight loss, joins us to explain the hidden reasons why you put on weight…and it’s not your fault!

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So lets interview Gretchen Palmer who is a life coach and weight loss coach in Salt Lake City

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Gretchen, why do people struggle to lose weight, and why should we consider a Salt Lake City Life Coach?

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There can be a lot of reasons people struggle to lose weight. There are medical reasons, that I don’t want to discount but with my clients and for me, the #1 reason we struggle to lose weight is because we use food to cope with our emotions, which I call this buffering. We use food to numb out anything that feels uncomfortable.

And losing weight is uncomfortable. Typically, what happens is someone starts a “diet” and eliminates ALL the food that they depend on to make them happy. They use motivation and will power for a while but eventually the feelings become too “big”, and they don’t know how to cope with them so they RUN back to food and eat everything they can.

And then, they spend days, weeks, months beating themselves up and spinning in shame and judgment because they “ate off plan”. And they don’t want to feel those things, so they go and eat more, and the cycle continues. And they wonder why they can’t lose weight and they believe something is wrong with them or they are broken because they “can’t lose weight”. So they go eat more and give up, and then go eat more because they “gave up”.

People struggle to lose weight because they were NEVER taught how to manage their emotions and they would rather eat the food and feel good for a second than feel the emotions without the food.

I could talk all day about this, but I’ll leave it at that.

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What’s the difference between losing weight and body image?

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Losing weight is just that. It is releasing fat cells so that we weigh less. Losing weight is what I call a “Circumstance”. It is something we can all agree on, prove in a court of law and it’s a fact.
I lost 90lbs. 90lbs of fat left my body. Losing weight is objective. We are either losing, gaining, or maintaining. ALL FACTS.

Body image is a thought. It’s what we make the weight we have or don’t have on our body mean! Body image is subjective. It’s when someone looks in the mirror and thinks: “Oh my gosh, I hate my body, I’m so ugly, I’m unlovable, I’m not pretty, skinny, important enough.” OR “Oh my gosh, I love by body. I’m so grateful for it. I love the way it feels and how it moves and what it does for me every day. I use my body and I know that no matter what I look like, I’m lovable, pretty, wonderful and enough, just the way I am.”

Body image is the way someone thinks, feels and acts towards their body.
(People are Googling “Salt Lake City Life Coach Gretchen Palmer” for the results you need)

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Why do people struggle with diets when trying to achieve their perfect body image?

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This is an interesting question because I want to know what they think their “perfect body image” looks like. How do they define it?
I know a lot of people, including myself struggle because our bodies don’t and will never look like what we see in the media. And because that is unattainable for people like me, I make that mean all kinds of things but the most common one is that I’m not enough. Pretty enough, lovable enough, important enough, you can add in your own _______enough.

Diets are also not sustainable. They aren’t realistic and they don’t consider that everyone’s body is different. Even the idea of a lifestyle change can stress people out. People think that MUST look like what they see in the media; they don’t take time to consider what is best for them. All they think is I must change; I must be something/someone I’m not and then they spend a lot of time beating themselves up and in self-abuse.

They don’t realize that ALL they need to do to reach their “perfect” body image is to change the way they think and feel about themselves. They think the solution is outside of themselves but in reality…THEY ARE THE SOLUTION!!

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Why can regular exercise be hard to maintain?

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Such a good question. I believe it’s because people “exercise” from a place of self-loathing, disgust, and hate. It’s like a punishment. “Oh, I ate like crap this weekend, I have to work out extra hard this weekend.” Like they did something bad.

I’ve been working out consistently for a year now, and I LOVE IT!! It’s easy for me to get up and go and sweat and work my body. But it hasn’t always been this way. I hated it because I hated myself.
Now that I don’t hate myself, it’s SO much easier to go and on the days, I don’t go, I don’t spend ALL my time judging and beating myself up for it. I have compassion for myself, and my body and I listen to my body. And if it needs to rest, I let it rest.

I don’t make it mean that I’m failing or never going to get it. I don’t make it mean anything. I get up the next day and go workout because I love myself and I’ve made a commitment to myself to work out and every time I keep that commitment, I’m building a trusting relationship with myself. It’s beautiful!

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What’s the reason for people to lose weight only for them to regain it?

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In a nutshell, they haven’t dealt with the thoughts and feelings that created the result of them gaining weight.
Most likely, they were depending on willpower and motivation to lose weight but they never dealt with the reason they became overweight in the first place. And that’s where a life coach comes in. If you need to lose weight is a life coach in Salt Lake City if you are based over in Utah.

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When I lose weight and then regain it, I feel like a failure in front of the world. Yet, I can’t seem to help myself with unhealthy habits. Why do I do this to myself?

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This goes back to our toddler brains. I want to imagine your subconscious brain like a 3-year-old running around unsupervised with a knife. We’ve allowed our toddler brain to be in charge for A LONG TIME. Most of us don’t realize this, but most of us are walking around on autopilot.

Anytime we “wake” up and take control of our lives from our Pre-frontal Cortex, our adult brain, our toddler brain FREAKS OUT. It throws a temper tantrum. It screams and cries and yells and tells you that you are making an awful mistake and that it’s never going to work, and you should just stop and go eat that cookie, ice cream, cake, really anything.


I want to add here, that this is COMPLETELY NORMAL. Your toddler brain is doing exactly what it’s programmed to do. Keep you safe and alive. And living life on autopilot or in fight or flight mode or survival mode, you can pick which one resonates best for you, is what HAS kept you alive for all these years.

So, when you go to change, the toddler brain, thinks you are going to die, and you end up doing things against your will sometimes! You go and grab a cookie, but you don’t want to eat it but before you know it you’ve eaten the whole row! Sound familiar?? I know! I’ve been there.

But there is hope! All the things our subconscious tells us are THOUGHTS and ALL our thoughts are optional! The problem is, we forget that the thoughts we have are just that. Sentences we have in our brain.

Let’s look at it this way, this is part of my story. I lost 90lbs and gained 40 back, these are the facts that trigger a thought. That thought could be…” I’m the worst”, which creates the feelings of failure. Our feelings drive anything we do or don’t do and because we feel failure, we go do lots of things. We avoid, overeat, over drink, over work, beat ourselves up, we ignore it, pretend it’s not there, watch too much Netflix, we spin, we judge, we blame, we give up, etc. And the impact of ALL these things we do…is we gain more weight. And it’s this result that reinforces the original thought that I’m the worst.

The key here is to notice the thought, that created the feeling that drove all the things I did that created the weight gain.


Most of the time we don’t even REALIZE it’s a thought that is creating our results. We believe is the “fact” that I gained 40lbs back that is causing the feeling of failure. BUT IT ISN’T, it’s your thought. When you change your thoughts, you change your results!

That was a long answer-let me know if it makes sense.

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What is the best way to have a healthy mind?

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Stop believing your negative thoughts! Hire a life coach who can show you your thoughts and your brain and who can teach you the Self Coaching Model created by Brooke Castillo. The self-coaching model is a tool I give to my clients so they can learn the skills on how to coach themselves and expose the thoughts that are creating their current results.
I’ve searched for a long time to a solution to my body image “issues” and the solution I found was me. The more I use the self-coaching model, the more I realize, I’m the answer to my health mind but I’m also the cause of my unhealthy mind. But now I have a tool that I can use anytime, anywhere. I get to choose which thoughts I’m going to believe and which ones I’m going to let go of AND because of this, I get to create the life I’ve always wanted. One where I love myself unconditionally, where I enjoy my body, where I’m present and take care of myself 1st!


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So how should people contact you?

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Email: realandrawcoaching@gretchenpalmer.com

IG Handle: @gretchenpalmer7

FB: gretchen.palmer.50

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/698527197489980/

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Life Coach Salt Lake City.
Secrets shared to long term weight loss without diets…and it’s not about the exercise 

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Gretchen Palmer is a life coach in Salt Lake City, and she specialises in  helping LDS ladies with changing their shape. 

We often refer to this as dieting or weight loss, but in truth it’s how we look in the mirror isn’t it. But here is the big question, why do we yo-yo with our weight and size? 

Why do we get to a point where we feel much better, and then let it all go?
When it comes to searching for “life coach Salt Lake City” to help us get into shape, what we are really working on is the mental pain.
(Need quick results with long term effects? “Life Coach Salt Lake City Gretchen Palmer” helps you get the results you want)


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Life Coach Salt Lake City
Answers the BIG QUESTION
Why can’t I keep the weight off,
why can’t I stay in shape?

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You know the question.
And you know the answer.

Let go of your mind and lean in with your heart.
The reasons why we can’t sustain a shape we like our always individual to you and therefore a diet or exercise regime will always only provide you with short term results.

As a life coach in Salt Lake City specialising with body shape, I’ve seen the answers over and over again, each time they are unique to you, and it’s why diets and exercise never really work.

The issue we all have is, why did you allow yourself to get into the shape you dislike? And your answers always remains in that question.


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Being a life coach in Salt Lake City helping LDS ladies find their perfect shape has taught me 1 golden rule.

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I was fat, overweight, out of shape, more like a circle than defined hips and bust…call it whatever you want, and no matter what diet I tried, club I joined, or exercise regime I went into, the results were all the same.

I started off pushing myself, I saw results, and then things started to slide and I thought it was because I ran out of energy? I was wrong… 

 …And l found our golden rule to finding our perfect shape.

It’s not diets.
It’s certainly NOT Keto.
It’s not exercise…though we all need it.

It’s how you feel about yourself,
and how those thoughts were created.
(Need long term changes? “life coach Salt Lake City – Gretchen Palmer” and give you the life long solution you need.”


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It’s the holdups and not the calories…

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,And we are not talking about your nylons!
The reason why you need a life coach in Salt Lake City and not a weight loss coach or a personal trainer is because your shape started in your head!

It’s what you said to yourself.
It’s the emotions you held on to.
It’s the negative self talk that goes on.

Get that sorted and everything else drops into place.
You’ll eat less.
You’ll eat better.
No more boredom.
And end to snacking.

And you’ll naturally find your shape.

(It’s no wonder people are Googling “life coach Salt Lake City – Gretchen Palmer” for the results you need)





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