An interview with Ana Ambika Pindoria Life Coach

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome in my life is harmonizing my role as a mother of a child who was born with severe life limiting and complex medical needs, with the role of balancing that with being an entrepreneur.  Your role as a parent is an extension of you and who you are, as your children develop, they also define your authentic self and carve your life and personality traits, further. 

My life was different before I was a parent of a child with complex health needs. A huge curve ball hit me in my mid-thirties, and it overhauled every corner of my life. I went from being financially secure, to receiving debt collectors at my home doorstep. I went from an award-winning global entrepreneur, with oozing confidence and self-esteem to a depressed woman struggling to get through life. My health and fitness hit rock bottom, as I tripled my body weight. This period changed me, my baby remained in hospital care for 3 and a half years. Later, she came home with full medical care support.

My challenges have unleashed a goliath force which has made me unstoppable about using my obstacles and what I have learnt to help others with. 

With 2 decades of experience as a fully trained teacher, coach and mentor, I have helped hundreds of people through the powerful programs of support I offer. My proven experience as a serial entrepreneur, teacher and business consultant has all been a part of my making as a person. 

The harmonizing of my role as a mother of a child who was born with severe complex medical needs, with the role of a parent, and balancing that with professional work is what I want to inspire you with. 

Life coaching by Ana Ambika Pindoria

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

My commitment to you is making sure you are happy, balanced and strive to be living your authentic life; which depicts your true values.


  1. Ana’s Embrace Your Difference Tip Number 1: Gain Clarity in your Life. When you work through at a clearer deeper level who you are, what you want, then only can you work towards how that can be created.
  2. Ana’s Embrace Your Difference Tip Number 2: You need to accept that if you want change and you have identified that this change is needed, then YOU need to change your pattern of THINKING to get a different result.
  3. Ana’s Embrace Your Difference Tip Number 3: You need to ‘embrace your difference’, your unique self, accept who you are and what you stand for.

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Blessings Ana😊