An interview with Angie Smith-Sinclair Life Coach

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

Get Off The Self Sabotage Cycle

  Life coaching by Angie Smith-Sinclair

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

Three things that helped me not only stop the self-sabotage cycle but created an alert system I rely on to propel me beyond any self-deprecating thoughts and actions.
I call it the ACE method!

  1. “A” – Acknowledge

If you don’t realize there is an issue, you cannot address it. Be aware of your mindset, patterns, and behaviours. When I took a moment to look at the outcomes of certain choices I made and how they could have been different had I only been aware of my self-sabotaging nature earlier, I could have been so much further ahead. Alas, the past cannot be changed, only decisions going forward. Give yourself grace for what you didn’t know before but now that you know better, do better!

  1. “C” – Change

Once you have acknowledged your go-to self-sabotage patterns, change needs to happen. Create an alternative thought pattern that will in turn change your behaviour. This is not done overnight but through consistent behavioural decisions. Determine your end outcome and discover a different way to respond when a similar situation comes up. You may have setbacks and that’s ok, but pick yourself back up and try again and again and again.

  1. “E” – Evolve

After the change has been implemented in your life, an evolution occurs. The key here is to keep it moving in a forward direction by up-leveling your support system. You cannot expect million-dollar conversations from people that are earning pennies. Therefore, start listening to people that have the ideals you wish to have. Network with successful individuals in the field you wish to be part of or lead. 

When you “ACE” these areas, self-sabotage will no longer be a threat, but more of an alert system, a warning that if nothing changes, the SSC (Self Sabotage Cycle) will again be running your life. Get into the driver’s seat, watch for warning signs and get into the fast lane for success!