An interview with Brogan Metcalf Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

The toughest time in my life was a few months after my first daughter, Dalila, was born. I always heard of baby blues and postpartum depression but never thought that would be me. I felt anger and rage like never before and felt completely stuck in my body and life. My relationship with my husband suffered and nothing was good enough.  About 18 months postpartum I found out I was pregnant, and I wasn’t excited because it all felt so hard. Shortly after, I started bleeding and went to the hospital to find no heartbeat. My throat sunk into my stomach as feelings of grief, guilt and shame came up. A few months later, I had an ectopic pregnancy. That was my rock bottom. At that moment I committed to doing the healing work I was avoiding.

  Life coaching by Brogan Metcalf

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?


When a negative emotion arises, feel the feelings. Emotions last 90 seconds and if you don’t let it roll through you, you can’t close the loop and it will keep resurfacing. 


Take time throughout the day to bring the awareness inwards without judgement. Don’t strive for perfection with your breathing… just breathe and observe.


Emotion is an energy in motion. Move your body to move it through. You will feel better and you can then go back and reflect with logic.