An interview with Carolina Cummins Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome in my life was the pain of not feeling loved.

I grew up feeling I am not wanted, not loved, and that I have no value.

I played small, I kept myself to myself, I felt alone in a group unable to connect with others.

My emotional suffering was big being an energy-sensitive child, but nobody knew. I had no support. At 18 I had suicidal thoughts, BUT I knew that was NO solution. I had to find a way.

Life coaching by Carolina Cummins

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

  1. My #1 top tip that helped me over and over again was the KNOWING that I AM LOVE. I didn’t need love from another person. During those times when I got triggered feeling so unworthy because the man I was seeing stood me up, lied to me, or didn’t do what he said he’d do, I felt my pain, and I remembered that that pain is not coming from Love!

I realised that I was hanging out in a realm of fear and limitation, which is why I was feeling so hurt! Love does not hurt!

As soon as I remembered that I AM LOVE, the inner pain left and I was back at Peace.


2. My top tip #2 is always OWN your painful emotions. They are within you and have nothing to do with the other person who triggered you. So stop all blaming, making them wrong, and telling stories about them. 

Basically, STOP focussing on the world around you and come back to yourself. This ‘feeling unloved’  is about you and nobody else. Take back your power!


3. And the most important top tip #3 is to feel that painful emotion of hurt, fear, or shame and reconnect with it. 

Go deep into it, be present with it, and allow it to be there. Ask ‘When did I feel like this for the first time?’ Allow whatever is coming up to emerge. Have a look at that memory and ask what you needed at that time, give it to your younger self, and then go up to the realm of your Soul and receive its healing Love. 

Finally, ask what your Soul wanted to learn.

When this process is done correctly, the hurt will dissolve.