An interview with Daniel Wood Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

When I started investing I got ripped off for 400 000 GBP, the money I didn’t have and I had raised from investors. I stood before a decision – bankrupt the company and start over (leaving the investors to shoulder the entire loss) or try to turn our business around.

We decided on option 2 – and with the help of many amazing people, we were able to turn our business around. Reaching your goals isn’t always easy, but it is doable if you have the courage.

  Life coaching by Daniel Wood

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

Always stay true to your values. 

I could easily have left my investors to take the loss and started over with the lessons I had learnt, but I choose to slowly turn my business around. It was a long road, but we would not have been where we are today without it.