An interview with David Poole Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

The obstacle I will write about is how to become a successful online coach and business owner.

Life coaching by David Poole

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?


  1. Make a list of people you admire and write down the values and qualities you like about them. You may want to think of friends, family, colleagues, people from your past and maybe well-known people. The values and qualities you are collating are the ones you like to demonstrate in your life, and when things get tough and it becomes easier to quit when you are surrounded by people with these values and qualities, you are more likely to stay the course.


2. When it comes to coaching it’s best to work in a field that you enjoy. So it’s time to make another list of coaching you enjoy! Here is a little starter for you. Careers, parenting, blended families, business, marketing, branding, confidence, speaking, building retreats, finding love, relationships, spirituality.


3. Now go out and look for a problem, just one problem within those coaching fields, and dig deep. Who has the problem? Why? When did it start? Why can’t they shed the problem? What impact does it have? Get to know this problem inside out and work out what questions will help those people find the help they need?


What I have just shared with you is just 1 way to find and develop your coaching business that you won’t get bored of, you’ll stay the course and it can lead you to the things you want in life.