An interview with Genine Turnbull Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?


I have been through the dark night of the soul.​ I know the pain of emptiness and loneliness; anxiety and depression-like an old friend. A really bad friend I couldn’t shake for years. I thought I was stuck with these feelings for life. I was helpless.  I was always looking for someone to save me. I used drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of living. I stayed in abusive relationships and even when I did break free from some of the abuse I chose partners that were not healthy for me. 


The constant dread was eating me alive. I experienced homelessness, rape, emotional and physical abuse, isolation, and desperation. I truly believed that there was no hope for me, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like there was no point to continue. 


For many years I wanted to kill myself because of the haunting memories from my childhood and teenage years. But I’m here to let you know there is a way and it’s easier than you realise. I can attest to this personally. We all have the ability to transform; no matter who we are, where we’ve come from, or what we have done. It has been my journey in life to unmask from the past and help others to do the same. I will help you bridge the gap between your life’s potential and where you are right now, evoking miracles and fulfilling your dreams. Allow that love for yourself to fill to the brim with energy and light and then let it shine out to the world and the people in your life.

Imagine fully expressing what is in the depths of your being, who you truly are, and being content in your life all while allowing your full Divine potential to shine bright in a way it was always meant to. It’s time to energetically transform and shift away from limitations and generation constraints that have been holding you back from your true genetic blueprint in order to align with what is truly meant for you.

Life coaching by Genine Turnbull

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?


  1. The first step is awareness, without you being aware that you can change your life and fast you’ll end up doing the same thing you are right now, wishing and hoping for change but feeling it’s out of reach.
  2. The second step is taking action because without taking action again you can not make the waves you are trying to create in your life. Manifesting anything takes action. Taking the first step can always seem hard and scary but trust me once you do your whole world gets better.
  3. And the third step is to find someone to help you reach for what you can’t accomplish on your own. I never would have made it as far as I have without the proper support and tools that I got from hiring my mentors. They help push me further towards my dreams and creative gifts than I ever could by doing it alone.