An interview with Joel Serrano Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?


One of the most difficult problems that a person can face is being unemployed. This was my situation around 11 years ago, and as much as this is already difficult, when you are about to get your first child this experience can be terrifying, and this was the experience of a young couple, my wife and I. We couldn’t keep this situation like it was. So, we decided to leave Portugal and start a new life in Germany. I still remember my first job in Germany, it was a cleaning job, which I hated.

Slowly I was able to start working as a Freelancer, but things were not always easy. One of the most difficult things in Germany was learning German. I guarantee you that it’s not an easy task!

Running my business I realized that more and more businesses needed help with their digitalization and training. I was able to change my professional career because I took action and I started helping companies go digital and to help coaches transform their courses into online courses.


  Life coaching by Joel Serrano

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?


  1. Visualization – You need to keep visualizing your big picture to continue having the strength to do all the necessary work to overcome problems and difficulties. As a tip: build your vision board, and make it visible in your office. A vision board it’s something very powerful that will help you to visualize the big picture.


2. Resilience – Resilience means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Look what it says quickly! When we face problems we need to react and overcome them quickly. Otherwise, we risk being blocked and without the strength to continue doing what is needed.


3. Discover your why – Being aware of your why is essential to overcome problems. In my case, it was my family – My lovely wife who supports me in ANY moment, and my children. They are my biggest why, they are the powerful reason why I wake up every single morning and move on to achieve what I want.


It’s not easy, but I’m here and you also can. If I was able to overcome so many difficult situations in my life, you also can.