An interview with Kirsten Back Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

Finding clarity in my life has been something that has held me back for a very long time.


Finding clarity about myself – my purpose, strengths, capabilities, values, beliefs, passions – but most of all: how I could live fully and make my life matter?


Coming from a background where I was made to believe that you never share your emotions, questions or even fears – let alone ambitions and dreams, I struggled with a lack of clarity for many years.


I basically followed someone else’s life plan and built a successful corporate career. 


I had a leadership position, a loving husband, two awesome kids, and an exceptional canine soul mate (plus a nice house, friends, health…) – but I lived my life like a robot and felt like I was just going through the motions every day. 

And it scared me that it should be like this forever.


But one day, I woke up – because I lost my job and the career I had been working on for many years. My career was who I was and by losing it, I lost part of my identity – or so I thought. 

What happened next was a process of waking up and re-building my life based on who I really was and what fired me up. 


So, I spent a few years discovering who I was, what I was exceptionally good at, and how I could build a life that matters. I wanted to know how I could build a life I was excited about, a life that follows a purpose, and where I could make a contribution to something greater than me – every day.


I wanted joy and excitement in my life and to bring that to other people’s lives too.

Today, I help others find clarity in their lives and their businesses. I help people grow their businesses through finding clarity and purpose in their business and extracting the messages that they need to share with the world to grow their communities and find the perfect people to work with – so that they can contribute to other people leading more meaningful lives.

Life coaching by Kirsten Back  

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

My top 3 tips to overcome the clarity obstacle are:


  1. Dig deep and find clarity about yourself. Figure out who you are, what your purpose is, whom you can serve, how you can contribute, what fires you up, what you’re awesomely good at, how you can make a difference

2. Set clear goals that are not SMART (because that ensures that you never go past what people commonly believe to be “attainable) but based on your dreams. Aspirational goals that fire you up, that stretch you and force you to learn and grow and have some fun!

3. Work with someone (or more than one person) who takes you through the process, someone who challenges you and makes you accountable – someone who explores the methods and frameworks with you that help you achieve the goals that may seem unattainable


Having clarity changes lives, creates vision, and makes the impossible possible. And I love making that happen with those who find the courage to take this journey of discovery.