An interview with Laurie Herbers Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

I grew up in abuse and trauma which resulted in zero self-worth and a life absent of love.

Life coaching by Laurie Herbers  

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

  1. You are love and have access to the entirety of love energy. Love is energy. All things come from love. Spend time in nature and see with your mind the energy that is in all things. Feel into the energy of love that is all around you. Do this daily.

2. Tap into love energy. Use your mind to picture a beautiful meadow filled with wildflowers, blue sky, with you in the midst of it. With every breath you inhale, picture, and feel the love energy filling you up starting at your toes. With every exhale, let go of what is not serving you. Do this until your entire body is filled with so much love energy that it comes out of your pores and creates a protective bubble of love around you. 

3. Honour self. Honour your thoughts and actions toward yourself. If a thought or action brings dishonour to you, do not do it. Change your thoughts and actions to only ones that honour all parts of yourself. You CAN do this with practice.

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