An interview with Lisa Cobble Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?


The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is the ‘label’ of being a swot at school and even into my apprenticeship. A goody-two-shoes, whiter than white. Someone who worked hard didn’t do that ‘drinking in the park’ thing and cannot tell a lot of stories about drunken nights out or parties. 


No matter the subject, I worked hard at it. 

I relished the challenge of projects. I loved assignments. I even had my work stolen at college and copied. When you are at school and are successful and can apply yourself, those who do not do the same mock you. They fritter away their school days and waste the opportunity to learn, to give themselves a good start in life. 


In some cases, when you are older, the same happens. The mocking youngsters, who did not take advantage of opportunities (or had but acted the fool), are then jealous of your success. They will continue to mock you or snipe comments, troll you or worse. 


As an apprentice, I also worked hard. My logbooks were detailed to the point of one being used as a job manual by another of my fellow apprentices years later. Being mocked/treated like that by so-called friends or even family is hurtful. It can put you off striving for the stars. It can almost make you ashamed of your success, make you want to drop back and into the crowd. It can dim your light.  

Life coaching by Lisa Cobble

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

My top three tips to get over this are:

  1. Appreciate the toughness of your journey because the resilience you learn here will help you rise above more challenges and you can achieve so much more, you deserve it.
  2. Never be afraid to be you and do your own thing, following the crowd is for sheep, and being a sheep is not fulfilling, rewarding or empowering.
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded people, including some who are getting further ahead, they will inspire you to keep going and support you when you need it most.