An interview with Luke Trappel Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?


Life is full of obstacles. I can think of hundreds that began when I was only a young boy. But in saying that, I will always remember facing my biggest challenge.  


My biggest obstacle was changing myself. Letting go of trying to live up to my perceived expectations of what I thought others saw as success. Trying not to disappoint my family and put pressure on myself to win. I was always asking myself if I was making them proud. 


Living with those self-imposed expectations. It was crippling and led me to fail a lot. I was failing because I wasn’t living. I was surviving – going through the motions. I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone and test myself. 


I always felt I was meant for something more, but I was unwilling to look for what that was. It was a battle to keep going, and I was losing all the time. So the obstacle I had to face down, and defeat was the man in the mirror. I started to stare down at that man in the mirror a few years ago. It has been a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment since.


 I live a much fuller life now.  A life where I am now experiencing all the joy I had locked away and had forced myself to abandon for a long time. Letting go of everything you have ever thought about yourself is confronting but highly rewarding if you are willing. Facing such a challenge head-on has been the best move I have ever made.

Life coaching by Luke Trappel

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

  1. Start small. Just change one thing at first. Small changes lead to big results. (Tip number 3 is a good starting point)

2. Commitment. Be committed. Look at that man/woman in the mirror each morning and say, I am committed to doing this today. I will do this.

3. Learn. Each day, spend some time learning something new. Listen to a podcast, read a book (listen to an audiobook), watch a YouTube video.