An interview with Marsha McDonald Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

The Obstacle of Me


If you were going to say something about yourself at a party, what would it be? How long would it take to answer? 


A few years ago, that question would terrify me. When answering this question, the key is to start by figuring out what we want people to know about us and how to present ourselves authentically. This was my main obstacle, I had difficulty presenting myself authentically because I spent so much time editing what I wanted you to know about me. What should I say?


Even though I was busy with career, marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship etc – I did not make time for myself. I didn’t give myself permission to connect with me. Most people didn’t know me because I didn’t know myself. I couldn’t see myself and felt that I was a misrepresentation of the me that I didn’t know.  How could I get to know her? Do I rely on what other people say or do I figure it out another way?


How do I connect with that place of authenticity? One unquestionable truth about me is that I am a creative and visual person. From Kindergarten to college, my notebooks had as much doodling and diagrams as words. These visuals helped to relax my mind and to learn better because I could see the information. I was your go-to girl for posters and presentations. I still am.  Using those same skills of visualization, I began to connect with myself on a deeper level and it became a life changer.


We are constantly striving to be happy, but I had a negative self-image and negative self-talk. They were undermining my efforts to enjoy my life. From journaling to vision boards, I used these visual strategies to focus my thoughts and identify who I am, what I want and where I want to be.  The other benefit was that it enabled me to process and get rid of negative self-talk and feelings. 


So ask me now….. what do you want to know? Now my answer will be full of authenticity and ultimately from a happy place.

  Life coaching by Marsha McDonald

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

1. Use visuals to process the internal information.

  1. Give yourself permission to be you.
  2. Connect from a place of authenticity and self-understanding.