An interview with Patty Smit Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

The biggest obstacle in my life to overcome was… me! I had no idea about my potential and my value as everything I achieved was considered “the minimum viable” by my family and just nothing more than my duty. It left me unsure, scared, submitted. Until I one day found myself looking at my scars, thinking about how I had thrown away 36 years of my life, allowing others to literally walk over me, and opened up to a dear friend.

Life coaching by Patty Smit  

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

It happened at once. I got these books gifted by my beloved friend. She handed me over “Self Matters” and the related workbook by Philip McGraw, Doctor Phil. It was 2002. It really opened my eyes. I had no clue I had been abused for my entire life so far, by my family and by my partner, a bunch of narcissists that had kept me enslaved in my own insecurity. It took me years, many more self-help books, the love of my kids, and a very capable coach to undergo the transformation. It was so unbelievably radical that I felt I needed to help other Women following the same process. Sadly most Women do not realise they are abused, as they don’t know any better, but opening their eyes is a process they find a way to implement. The scary mouse in front of the big hungry snake transforms into a brave, almighty, and fierce Woman, able to not only look after herself and her own children and family but also look after other scarred and scared Women. This is the miracle of self-love, confidence, and self-esteem. This is the true nature of a Woman! 

I now help Women confidently reclaim their lives, unapologetically, with no fear, no regrets, and no sense of guilt.

1. Live without apology.
2. Have no fears or regrets.
3. Remove the guilt.