An interview with Pauline Aughe Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

I was asked in an interview, “Pauline, what is your biggest challenge?” 


“I can’t think of anything,” I replied.  Jaws dropped. Tears flowed. How can someone without limbs utter these words?


I was later confronted by someone who wanted an answer. I shared with her that I was hungry. The energy, time and strategy it takes for me to get food out, heat it up and feed myself is like climbing my own mountain.  But what was at stake? What would I be giving up if I gave up? In real-time, the consequences are that I starve.   But with other goals, the consequences were not that dire.  Being able to swim can be of no consequence, but for me, the fear of being trapped on the sidelines of the shallow end was bigger than not being able to fully participate in life. For me, it was my freedom that was at stake.


Life coaching by Pauline Aughe  

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

Every time I have been faced with obstacles, I have employed my VISA framework.


  1. Visualize: a clear vision is imperative.  What is behind the thing you want? For me, freedom is at the crux of my motivation to achieve anything I want.  What is the value that motivates you?

2. Internalize: Becoming aware of our limiting beliefs is key.  Pay attention to your thoughts to reveal your beliefs.

3. Strategize: a goal without a plan is just a wish. It is important to take inventory of your resources and begin thinking in and outside of the box.

4. Actualize: Taking action is the difference-maker.  Action creates clarity and confidence.  What one action will help you in, around or through your obstacle?


It is not the circumstances that define us, but how we show up in those tough and dark times.