An interview with Steven Simmonds Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

The battle with mental health daily remains not just a battle, but an ongoing war. Every day we have to consciously make the decision, the choice to fight, which requires a lot of willpower and energy.


It is not a fight that is easy and often fought alone in many cases.

Many lives are lost each year sadly due to sufferers not being able to cope or having inadequate networks of support.


This remains an under-resourced field with huge growing waiting lists and ever-rising numbers of those who need support. 

Mental health not only affects the sufferer but also those around them, thus having a ripple effect.


Mental health can affect all areas of life from work to relationships to social lives and can be disabling.

It can be argued there are possible root causes of a lot of mental health which, with the right support, can be supported with. Sometimes however this is not always the case, depending upon the extremity of each individual case.


For some, medication is not the answer, but for others, it literally can be a lifesaver. Medication itself can be as varied as the patient and not one course fits all.

Not knowing there is a problem or recognising symptoms, combined with denial on occasion, can cause further problems as this then gets oppressed only to emerge more severely on another occasion later on.


It is possible to still have a full life while having mental health issues but it just means you may need that extra bit of support.

Life coaching by Steven Simmonds  

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?


  1. Allow the help… sometimes we don’t like asking or receiving help. We may not want to feel a burden, or our pride may take a hit, or it may mean letting people in emotionally which can be hard. 
  2. Practice kindness… Make this a habit especially for yourself. It is easy to get angry, frustrated and impatient at these times but understand it is not an easy time for you or others around you.
  3. Don’t give up…Easier said than done, but choose to fight, don’t allow yourself to be defeated. Choose to live for someone, anyone, that has shown kindness and love for you in the past or someone you love.



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