An interview with Tamara Lashchyk Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

I’m still overcoming my biggest obstacle and can’t claim victory yet, although I can certainly declare progress. This obstacle is building a business after having a corporate job for 26 years. 


So often we are knocked off one path and land on another. We think that we are knocked off course but quite the contrary. The universe is directing us to the correct path. We just don’t realize it at the time. 


I face hurdles that I get to overcome each day. Every problem is a solution in the making and I’ve learnt to embrace them because they are there for a reason: to help me learn and grow. 


I am my client. I now coach mid-late career professionals to reinvent their careers into a second act, just like I’m doing. What is unfolding is so much more and so much bigger.


After I left corporate, I was asked to run for political office in New York City. While I lost that election it opened political doors that only became available to me because I ran for office. I chose an online business specifically so that I could travel. Last March, I moved to Costa Rica for three months and now part of my coaching program includes a clarity retreat in Costa Rica. I’m also writing my second book based on all my experiences and the coming of middle age. 


All the paths of my life are converging in a way that I am living my mission. I didn’t always have clarity, nor did I have a vision for my life. I did however do my part by taking action every single day. With each step the path became illuminated. I now have a clear vision, mission and purpose; at least for now. 


That may all change. My destiny is yet to be written. It may not even have been revealed to me yet. I know for certain that living with an open heart allows for one heck of a ride. I love what I do and am so grateful that I get to live the life I’m living. 

Life coaching by Tamara Lashchyk

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?


  1. Lean into the resistance and embrace the uncertainty.
  2. Living with an open heart creates possibilities.
  3. You are divinely protected by the universe, so trust.


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