An interview with Tracy Beeson Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

Growing up, my family didn’t have many tools for dealing with issues. I learnt how to suppress them until I exploded with anger, bypassed and invalidated the feelings of others, or simply ran away. As an adult, these tactics didn’t work while designing the life I wanted. But I pressed on, as that is what one does to be successful.


Almost 10 years into my marriage and with three small children, my husband died of secondary liver cancer. I now needed to deal with big grief, and had very few tools to manage. Again, I pressed on.


Finally, I could press on no more when I began making choices that were all I could do at the time, but were not right for me or my family. The time to press on was over, and I needed to face all that I had avoided. I dedicated myself to my healing, and in the process realized I have an outstanding skillset to help others to face their challenges head-on and without delay. I understand what it is like to live a life without self-love and compassion, to grieve the loss of your world, and to find meaning in the midst of it all.

Life coaching by Tracy Beeson 

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

  1. To overcome any obstacle, one must take accountability for their life, and ownership over the resolution. All change is possible with effort. 


2. I work with my clients on modifying self-limiting subconscious beliefs. Your subconscious mind is essentially running the show, so we start there to quickly and easily integrate real change.


3. Believe in yourself, trust that small steps help you achieve the big goal, and don’t ever settle. Life is for living!