An interview with Victoria Kleinsman Life Coach


What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

I’ve overcome anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and a fitness obsession. I’ve struggled with a poor body image and disordered eating for over 20 years.


I’ve lived through a 6-year long abusive relationship where I was hit and abused daily.


I would say the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my life that has enabled me to overcome all of the above and to THRIVE is to love myself unconditionally and to know that I am worthy just as I am. 

Life coaching by Victoria Kleinsman  

What are your three top tips to overcome the obstacle?

  1. Always say YES to YOURSELF no matter what. This can be very challenging at first, especially if you’re a people pleaser. But if you do what feels right for you in each moment, you’ll be living your life for YOU, which is the only way to true happiness and fulfilment!


  1. Detach your self-worth from your body image. This takes time, support and a lot of “un-learning” but it is absolutely essential to living in food and body freedom and is oh so liberating when you get there!


  1. Love yourself unconditionally. When you learn how to come back home to yourself and love every aspect of who you are, your life will never be the same again…