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Subjects we are going to be covering...


Overcoming Trauma, 

A Happy Life After Divorce, Bereavement, 


Systems For Coaches,

Starting A Coaching Business,  Transformation Mindset, 

Success Transitions, 

How To Boost Your Career, 

The Art Of Being Present, 


Wealth Health Relationships, 

Letting Go,

Happiness Magnet,

Overcoming Adversity,


Building Rapport, 

Managing And Leading Others,  Managing And Leading Yourself,  Authenticity, 


Best Version Of You,

Achieving Your Bucket List,

Stand Up And Be Counted,

Public Speaking, 

Self Confidence,

Greater Consciousness, 

High Performance, 



Imperfect Action,

Being Great At 1 Thing.

You MUST prove to your future clients you are the expert to help them overcome their issue.

There are 1000s of good coaches like you trying to help people improve their lives. All successful coaches have 2 things in common. They appear in books and they have lots and lots of credibility. 


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Telling your friends, family, your followers on social media and talking about your appearance will put you and your coaching services in the spotlight, it's fantastic self promotion, without an inflated ego.

What type of coach is this for?

New coaches.
Experienced coaches.
Coaches with courses.
Those who offer group or 1 2 1 training.


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