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Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers: Secure your BEST results for life!

Take your clients to a space where they are desperate to buy your high-ticket services…and they will pay for your marketing!!!

That’s right, let your clients pay for your marketing!

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This is what we are going to build with you:

  • A highly measurable business
  • With trackable results
  • Performance focused
  • With controllable linear success

We’re going to take you beyond the traps of…
Having to work unsociable hours
Dead time during the middle of the day
The money trap of not having enough hours

Currently, your business is stuck
It’s not a business, it’s a job.
You don’t get paid for vacation.
You don’t make money when you are not working.
How long can that last for?

You certainly can’t plan any more than 3 months ahead because…
You are on a treadmill of replacing clients.
And you are tied down by not having enough hours in the day.

So we are going to make you time
So you can AMRAP your business.
Doing the right money-making activities.
You should start to see epic returns in the next 7 to 21 days.
You want to go beyond mediocre and step into epic.
You are ready to give up on the old beliefs that are presently holding you back.
You are ready to accept your current state of business doesn’t not match your physique, let’s face it, you are like a toned panther or tiger, when people look at you they see the prime condition you are in.
But your business…It’s like a Nokia 8210, it just about operates. That’s not good enough for you. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GET?
  • 12 Months of 1-1 Guidance – Worth $14,000
  • 52 Weekly group coaching sessions – Worth $10,400
  • 52 Weekly helpdesk sessions – Worth $10,400
  • SELLIT (Our copyrighted sales training)- Worth $7,500
  • 24/7 private community for “profit-building” discussion – Worth $5,200
  • Constant Contact – direct WhatsApp contact to Rob and David for 1 year – Worth $28,000
  • We’re going to give you 1 year’s extra of Group coaching sessions – Worth $10,400
  • Help desk sessions – Worth $10,400
TOTAL VALUE $96,300.
(A 3-month payment plan is available)

You already look great, seriously, you have done the hard part of your business. It’s just that you currently suck at the money side of things because you have not been taught what to do.

When we look at you, it’s how you look at your future clients. We know why you are not successful, just like you know why your future clients aren’t yet in shape.

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It is a sales call. We’ll be answering your questions. And we’ll be asking you questions to see if our service is for you. It is not a “hard sell”, that works for no one.

We are looking for people who are ready to take action.
And this is how to market and sell.
No BS.
No funnels.
Just straight talking.