life coach

Who Do You Serve?

Female entrepreneurs, 40+, at a turning point or stuck in a rut.

What Problems Do You Help People Overcome?

I help them crush the glass wall/ceiling they have reached and cannot pass due to (money) blockages, limiting beliefs or ptsd, procrastination issues.
I also help them quickly and easily transition to a healthy lifestyle, through the analysis of their daily habits: I have developed a special journal for this scope, so that my help is perfectly tailor made to the client.

What Is Your Favourite Question To Ask A Client?

Close your eyes: what do you see?

Why Do People Like Working With You?

Because I provide results. Fast and permanent results. I am straightforward, no fluff or fuss, I am not afraid to ask the painful question they avoid all the time. They feel they can trust me and love the way I conduct the sessions.”the perfect combination of spiritual/energetic alignment with practical strategies and how to’s”


What Services Do You Offer? 

1-2-1, I have a small group on facebook where I coach (Italian speaking public), I am working on a membership site dedicated to healthy food, clean eating, and dieting. I offer single one off sessions that are very powerful, to eliminate any blockage, called IRT – Immediate Result Therapy: in these sessions I provide ultra rapid transformation. Also I offer 6 and 12 weeks goal setting journeys, and a quick fix program to detox body and mind in a weekend. My high end program lasts a year and is a 360º life changing experience, a complete transformation: life, body, mind, and environment, starting at 15k

Can You Share A Success Story Please?

Like everyone else, I have experienced traumas during my life, more or less important, some of which have conditioned my choices and my attitudes.
Basically I am a lucky person, and in addition to having a beautiful family, I also have amazing friends, including Patty.
Coach and expert in NLP, seeing me in difficulty she proposed me to take a journey of re-writing in a TimeTravel session, a sort of re-elaboration of the trauma starting from the memory of the same and radically modifying the reaction.
With her voice to guide me, I relived one of the deepest traumas of my life, to which a good 80% of my relationship problems were linked, I went through it, and I thanked and hugged the person who caused it to me.
Upon “awakening” I looked for that memory in my mind and my mind, instead of re-live the sense of anguish, emptiness and contempt linked to that fact, automatically offered me the memory of the hug, the smile and the sense of gratitude for having overcome that trauma with joy.
I have the regret of not being able to express in words what I feel inside at this very moment, but I can say that, even knowing what happened that day, I think about it and think again and feel only love inside.
Any thanks would be little, and I feel the desire to share her work.
A professional who does exactly what she promises. I have known her for years and I had no doubts, but she still managed to amaze me.
Recommended with flying colours ❤

Anything you would like to add?

I am grateful every day to be able to help women the way I wished someone helped me a long time ago. Life is good, never ever doubt about it!

How Do You Like People To Contact You?


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