Can a spiritually grounded life coach ethically charge a premium price for their services?

Can a spiritually grounded life coach ethically charge a premium price for their services?

For us coaches who lean into our spiritual selves, we can sometimes find a few blocks when it comes to pricing our services. And there are many instances where we can feel pushed against our will, perhaps feeling shamed when we are told to “Charge what you are worth.” Which can lead us to feel degraded.

Yes, we all understand asking for more money could help us to have an easier lifestyle.
But is it really what we want?

Where is the abundance when we charge a premium price?
But not only that, it requires a different set of skills and mindset to ask for bigger amounts of cash. Asking for $250 is one thing, but putting a price tag of $5000 on your services is something else. 

We prefer our services to be accessible to the masses, but how can you make a decent living if your prices are low?

There is a fairly straightforward answer that will be shared with you in a moment, but it’s the big question, “How can I make a good living, without working all the hours available, and without charging a ridiculous price?” that keeps us from creating the impact we desire. 

The answer to this question, or rather our deliberation, is often used against us by some very big-name coaching companies. It’s inferred that we can’t. That we shouldn’t. It’s a waste of time trying. And we need to invest big to get a big return. 

Even our thoughts and beliefs are turned against us at times. 

Coaches making parodies of universal laws to suggest we MUST spend big in order to receive the same. “If you do not invest large amounts of money into your development, how can you expect the universe to bring it in for you?” It is rather disingenuous. And it’s BS.

This is how to make a good living and have a nice big impact on the world

  1. It is best if for the moment you narrow it down to answering one question. I’m not referring to niche and avatar as that can throw you, let’s see if we can answer one question the client needs help with.
  2. It’s going to be better for you if the answer to the question requires ongoing work.
  3. As an example, you could be a career coach helping people get promotions or a better-paid job outside of their current employment.
  4. Rather than providing a service supporting the total transformation, how about we answer a question within the question? Or to provide part of the transformation.
  5. Try this as an example, “How to get a pay rise by being loved or praised by all of your colleagues.”
  6. This could be a group program, running 5 days a week, where you share a daily activity. Your clients understand the thinking behind the activity, carry it out, enjoy the response and become a little addicted to your group because they are experiencing progress and the emotions and benefits that come with it.
  7. It would be easy to have 100 people paying you $1 a day in your group, that’s $3100 a month.
  8. Make sure it’s a recurring monthly payment, and now you can forecast your monthly income.
  9. It’s these people who are going to upgrade to your pricier services. Perhaps you have a service to help with interview questions, nerves or writing a covering letter.  
  10. And at $1 a day, this is a service everyone can access. It’s affordable, you get paid nicely, and everyone wins!

The money is in the mailing list.

Have you heard that expression before?
The money is actually within the community who are demonstrating their commitment to you and their transformation by investing $1 a day.

Can we put an end to the free groups where you spend all day giving value for no return?
Is this the time to stop cease creating free challenges that you work tirelessly for?

If you like what we are proposing and feel aligned to the aspects of community, abundance and getting paid for your work every month, perhaps drop David or Rob a message, or click here for more information about our services.


by Going Beyond The Illusion

by Going Beyond The Illusion

“Together, bringing people and communities together from a heart-felt perspective and inspire them to see beyond the illusion with a can-do attitude” (Channelled from David's angel)

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