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Who Do You Serve?

I serve two groups of people. The first are people struggling to understand science and how to apply it, an example of this are the epidemiology students I tutor. The other group I serve are scientists who are stuck in their lives, an example of this is a scientist I recently helped with her job search.

What Problems Do You Help People Overcome?

Overwhelm – these clients are completely overwhelmed with science and life. They don’t know where to begin and they don’t know who they are.
Lack of Confidence – these clients don’t have the confidence necessary to be successful.
Lack of practical know how – These clients don’t know how to do research, writing, or some other scientific task necessary for a successful life.
Lack of time – These clients don’t know how to use the time they have in order to achieve their goals.

What Is Your Favourite Question To Ask A Client?

What’s working about how you’ve tried to address these problems?

Why Do People Like Working With You?

My clients LOVE working with me because they’re able to increase their confidence, destroy their overwhelm, and achieve their results within a very short period of time. The ability to do this has resulted in improved status at work and at home, and has changed their lives by empowering them.

What Services Do You Offer? 

1-2-1 coaching
Group Classes – on occasion

Can You Share A Success Story Please?

M.K came to me because she didn’t know how to speak to her professor about her difficulty with her epidemiology class. This is a common problem for students, as the online world has reduced interactions with professors and classmates. When M.K. hired me she had a 61 in her epidemiology class and it looked like graduation was out of the realm of possibility. In 6 weeks working with me she had climbed to a 73 and her professor expressed hurt that M.K. came to an outside tutor. M.K. graduated with her B.S. in Public Health.

Anything you would like to add?

I believe my clients have everything they need to resolve their confidence, overwhelm, and know how problems. I strive to guide them to their own answers and to empower them to create their perfect life using science and science-based principles. Although, I’ve chosen an academic story for my success story today, I do also work on non-academic life concerns. I look forward to helping you find yourself (sometimes for the first time). My favorite thing to see is clients reaching their goals.

How Do You Like People To Contact You?


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