spiritual medium glenn boddice

My messages are always given to you from the purest perspective of love as they were intended by your spirit guides


It is lovely to have you here today and it’s my hope we can start to find the answers and direction you are looking for in your life.

I have always been aware of my spiritual gift but I went on to become a musician before I finally moved into helping people needing spiritual guidance.

It was my guides asked me to use my mediumship skills, and here I am with my friend David Poole, who came to me for spiritual support back in 2020, which is kind of funny because we knew each other from school.

David and I want to bring more people closer to their spiritual path, he was guided to the phrase “Going beyond the illusion” by his angel, I’m sure he will tell you about it and that’s how we got our name for this website.

Currently, the services I offer are free readings in my Facebook group and I do 1-2-1 readings that last for an hour with paying clients.

Also, I run a weekly class to help people develop their own spiritual awareness, and very soon I will be offering a mini-course helping you find your divine path. 

To contact me, please use my Facebook page, it’s different from my group as you can send me a direct message.

Thank you for being here.
Sending you love and light,


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