The discovery call challenge is here to help you have more people inquiring about your highest-priced coaching services, so you can earn a real nice income - without feeling bored or under pressure...

FACT: There’s no other training or challenge that's more effective because the fastest way to make money through coaching,  is by making discovery calls. 

For More Discovery Calls You Need...

To be seen regularly - builds relationships
A clear message - attracts the right people
Be the expert within the groups - builds trust 
Show people you are valuable before they call you - creates buyers


And you want achieve it, without the countless hours at your computer.

DISCOVERY CALLS are your fastest way to make the income you want, in the shortest time possible.


In just a few minutes from now, you could easily be meeting the next person who will invest in your highest paid services.


And your discovery calls have a MASSIVE competitive advantage. Your personality and the connection you make, is critical for long high ticket clients.


This is why you MUST make discovery calls the #1 asset in your business. Your livelihood depends on them. 

Why are Discovery Calls the single MOST important tool for you?

 Build your business fast

Create long-term clients

No requirements for paid ads

A costly website isn't needed

You can find clients today

✔✔Discovery calls are where people invest the biggedt amounts.



The basis of any coaching business is communication and it is the key to your success. 


Once you know how to get the right people on the phone, speaking with you, you never need to spend money on sales or marketing. 

The Challenge - What will it bring into your life?

You will have more people having a call with you about how you can help them.


✔ The people who call you are the ones more likely to invest financially.


✔ Save time.


✔ Save money.


✔ More of the right people will see you.


✔ You will attract more potential clients to your personal profile and group.


✔ It will be easier for potential clients to find you in other groups and ask you for help.

The Challenge - What annoying things will it help you remove?

✔ There is no need to send awkward messages to people asking if they want to "jump on a call". 


✔ You remove the stress of feeling like a sales person.


✔ You no longer need to feel the boredom of prospecting.

This is a 2 month program.

Month 1 - building the foundation for immediate clients

Month 2 - preparing you to build a business and not just a job

Do you want to do client prospecting properly? Then you do NOT want to create a job for yourself.

We MUST simply place in the building blocks so you can move away from doing the prospecting yourself.


No coach wants to do prospecting everyday
Coaches need to coach and not be tied up with marketing

When do you start to see results?

Many have got results in the first few days,
But give yourself couple of weeks.

You’ll see the changes.
The pressure of your business fades away


Why is this brilliant?

✔ You get all the teaching you need.
✔ It’s simple.
✔ You are focused.
✔ It helps you stay on track.
✔ You know what you are doing.
✔ You can stay within your comfort zone.


Can you ask David questions?

Absolutely, just send them through email and I will answer them annonymously in our Whatsapp group so we all learn from each other.


How long does the challenge last for?

It runs from month to month, starting on the day you join.
But, when you are being helped and prompted every day and you see the returns, you’ll probably end up using it as part of your business, most people do.


So, in month 2 when the training progresses, you are still given daily support for your discovery calls, and the daily support continues until you ask for it to finish.


How do you access the training?

Every day you will be sent a message via email, it will be your daily prompt with helpful advice, and at the bottom of the email you will always have links taking you to the training modules, so you won’t forget where it is. In fact the training is always there for you.


What does the daily support consist of?

Every day you are given a small set of tasks to complete.
It’s all explained.
No tech is needed.
No paid ads.
No software other than your social media account.


Can anyone do this?

If you can use Facebook you can do it.


So what are you getting

You are building your business through discovery calls. It's the fastest and easiest way to find the clients you need.


✔ Full training
✔ The bonuses
✔ Daily contact
✔ Managing your workflow
✔ Support
✔ Encouragement
✔ Answering your questions


What’s the training consist of?

There are 4 modules and bonuses.

TRAINING #1 The Dress Rehearsal - Worth $300
TRAINING #2 Group Stealth Bomb - Worth $300
TRAINING #3 The Step Engagement Method - Worth $300
TRAINING #4 The Love Potion - Worth $300


BONUS #1 The Daily Planner - Worth $200
BONUS #2 The Daily Accountability - Worth $200
SUPER BONUS Davids Private Whatsapp Group - Worth $1000


Total Value $2600 per month

You Invest only $97/month 
(You are not tied in to a contract, you can opt out at any time)



If you don’t like it, let me know within your first month, and I’ll refund you. Yes, that makes my training 100% risk free.


What's your return on investment?

Go through the training and you'll get the discovery calls you want with the right clients. The following chart figures are just some reasonable expectations based on different prices. 

1 client every 2 weeks will give you a minimum of $26,000 a year based on the number below, and that can go all the way to $1.5m because there are coaching courses at $10,000 and why can't you sell 3 a week? 


Your return on investment, either cash or time isn't an issue.
Follow the daily steps, practice and you'll reach your goals.



The FASTEST Way TO High Ticket Coaching Clients

The Discovery Call Challenge For Coaches And Mentors

In this training you will learn how to find high-ticket coaching clients without spending all day on social media.

  • Find coaching clients who buy High Ticket solutions

  • UNLIMITED discovery calls - the easy way!

  • Save loads of time on social media activities 

  • No Paid Advertising

  • No Funnels Needed

  • No Time Vampires Feeding Off You

The Rejection Free High-Ticket Client Acquisition System

As soon as I started working with David I was booking High Ticket inquiries onto discovery calls and converting them into paid clients. He will easily be able to help you.


I knew him for only a few days before I signed up.

Natasha Marie

Relationships Coach

I got my first discovery call quickly, when I phoned my client he had his credit card ready to pay the $3000 and didn't negotiate on price.


When it comes to working with David, I signed up as his high ticket client the same morning I met him.

Shir Yaari

The Profitable Digital Product Coach

David Poole is the only person to speak to when it comes to getting high ticket clients without funnels and paid ads. He wastes no time.



I signed up to David inside 2 hours of meeting him.

Girstin Bergquist

Life and Beauty Coach

Say Hello To Your NEW Way

Of Finding The Clients You Need...

Inside The Training

  • #1. The Dress Rehearsal

    Short preparation for you to be ready to bring home the clients you need. I guarantee you are not doing this now - it's your first game changer!

  • #2. The Group Stealth Bomb

    How to get out a massive message to any group and pleasing the admin at the same time. Other than me, I never see anyone use this strategy!

  • #3. The 3 Step Engagement by Seduction Method 

    You want great replies? 
    You need this 3 step method that works like crazy Massive Time Saver

  • #4. The Love Potion

    I will teach you how to give, give, give, leaving your prospect clients wanting more, more, more and ready to pay! 



  • Use the challenge every month as part of your business

    You need focus?
    You need to make sure you are getting the clients in?

    David will work with you every 1st week of the month.

  • The 4 Hero High Ticket Strategy

    My own personal training that you can't find anywhere else.
    Easy to implement.
    Jargon free.
    Immediate results.

  • Accountability 

    YOU are your biggest RISK to your business. Therefore I'm going to hold you accountable!
    You will take the training.
    You will turn up.
    You will do this for your family...

    ...and you will get the amazing results you need!

  • SUPER BONUS #1 - Whatsapp Group Private VIP Membership

    This is a very special group of coaches and mentors building their business just like, yes its a great place for networking but here's the cool thing... This is where David Poole releases his group coaching! That's right, you will have access to David, every day of the week through this group. And it's valued at $12,000 per year!


All for just $97 per month

30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -  Not satisfied with what you get? We will refund you.

  • SUPER BONUS #2 - My $100,000 Strategy

    In February 2020 I set out to make $10,000 a month and I started from scratch, by the end of March I had hit my target. By May/June I was hitting $20,000 a month. 

    I've decided to show you how I did it. It's all in the training I'm giving to you. 

  • SUPER BONUS #3 - INSIDE My $97 Strategy

    For those of you who are thinking "Why the heck is David showing us to go high ticket, but selling this for just $97 a month?" I'm going to share that strategy with you as well!

  • SUPER BONUS #4 - PROMOTE your business to my group of 2200 coaches

    I want you to have the best chance of ETHICALLY marketing your business, so why not start in my group? Most groups won't let you advertise - but once you are in my challenge, you can promote your services to my engaged coaches.

And remember, you have a 1 month guarantee. There is ZERO risk.