Sales Is Not The Right Approach For A Coach

Your text is generally well-written, but I’ve made some minor adjustments for clarity and grammar:

“When you train to become a coach, one of the first principles you learn is that the client comes first; it’s their story and their journey. A coach is here to help them find their own path, not to walk the path the coach took.

So, why are coaches insisting on learning how to sell? Of course, the coach should know if a course of action could be right for the client, and that’s when a coach steps into the world of consultancy. In this instance, the coach engages in consultancy by demonstrating their product.

Why Sales Doesn't Work For CoachesSo, what’s the difference between selling and consultancy? With consultancy, you need a level of certainty that the advice you are giving is correct for the client. You have researched the client and asked appropriate questions for them to decide what course of action they want to take.

With sales, you match the client’s problem to the features of the service and sell the benefits and the transformation. As you can see, selling is more forceful, and with force comes resistance. The resistance can occur during the sales process; you’ll feel the ugly energy being created. Resistance can also occur after the sale, especially through buyer’s remorse and a lack of dedication from the client.

The problem the coach now faces is downstream and around the bend in the river. At this very moment, the coach cannot see what is ahead; they can only see the sale. But around the bend, the river splits into two.

The split to the left leads to more prospecting, more peaks and troughs, more churn, and a degree of dissatisfaction.

The split to the right is where you’ll find clients turning up, progress has been made, there are happy faces all around, and you have more recommendations than you can handle. I’m talking about the recommendation where Sarah phones you to ask if she can join your services because she has witnessed firsthand what you have done for her friend Alison.

So where do you want to go? Do you want to be the coach prospecting, selling products, bathed in uncertainty and scarcity? Or do you want the client-centered approach, where you step away from the sales process and grow your business?”

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