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Who Do You Serve?

My clients are people who may have had trouble finding a psychotherapist they can really talk with about their spiritual and metaphysical concerns, in addition to the usual stuff. My clients may have had contact with benevolent metaphysical beings and ET’s, may be afraid to tell people about it, and may need a place to work on finding insight into these things, plus life, the universe and anything!

What Problems Do You Help People Overcome?

I help people with all the usual stuff: depression, anxiety, self-development, coping skills, trauma, emotional regulation, somatic awareness. In addition, I help clients with their spiritual life, metaphysical and ET experiences, and to raise their vibration through meditation practices and breathwork.

What Is Your Favourite Question To Ask A Client?

Can you feel your heart energy? What is your heart’s question? What is your heart’s desire?

Why Do People Like Working With You?

People find me non-judgmental and open to their experiences. People find that I can help with nitty gritty daily life issues, trauma, depression and anxiety, and also help them to actualize who they really are in the highest sense.

What Services Do You Offer? 

I offer one-to-one sessions, group therapy, and group travel to power places on Gaia for conscious energy work.

Can You Share A Success Story Please?

Everything that I do is confidential, but I can say that clients who were afraid they might be crazy, came to understand their spiritual strengths, incorporate them into their identity, and feel much more grounded. I myself am a success story, because after 2 decades of not talking about my metaphysical experiences, I finally embrace that part of myself publicly!!!

Anything you would like to add?

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